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Diggin’ Squap


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Diggin’s award-winning Squap® is the ultimate throw and catch craze! Just put the ball into the Squap mitt and open your hand as quickly as possible. The ball launches, then soars through the air to a friend who catches it by snapping the Squap mitt closed around the ball. Play it with friends or by yourself against a wall – indoors or outside.

Take Squap anywhere! It is for anyone over six years old – kids and adults alike. Everyone will love this active game. Winner of Family Fun, Parents Magazine and Learning Express Best Toy Awards. Comes with two Squap pop paddles and four balls.

Ages 6+

  • ACTIVE FAMILY GAME Squap is fun for the whole family! Great for all ages – kids, teens and adults.
  • THROW AND CATCH TOY Open the Squap mitt to launch your ball with a “wow!” Catch it with the snap of your hand!
  • AWARD WINNING TOY Winner of Family Fun, Parents Magazine and Learning Express Best Toy Awards.
  • TAKE IT EVERYWHERE Perfect active toy for the backyard, park, beach, soft and safe for indoor outdoor play.
  • INSIDE & OUTSIDE GAME– Small balls won’t break anything when playing Squap indoors. An indoor outdoor toy for kids ages 6 and up
  • ACTIVE PLAY – This active game set encourages exercise for boys and girls. To add players, combine multiple Squap sets!
  • IMPROVE CHILDREN’S MOTOR SKILLS Helps kids learn hand-eye coordination, timing and encourages active play.
  • ULTIMATE SPORT TOY SET Comes with 2Squap mitts and 4 balls.

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